Market Research & Scenario Modelling

Having the time, energy, and resources to stay fully abreast of pricing changes, movements and vacillations in the property market in today’s rapidly globalising world is key to investment profitability.

The sheer volume of knowledge that is necessary to maintain a competitive edge is staggering. Adding the market research necessary to compete on top of the actual work of managing, selling, and purchasing properties can make many individual investors feel overwhelmed and limit their options.

Deutsche Property Pty Ltd maintains the connections and resources to stay on top of market movements and changes, and allow individual investors to focus on their true strengths: buying properties.

Through our scenario modelling we are able to estimate the expected value of a portfolio after a given period of time, assuming specific changes in the values of the portfolio’s securities or key factors take place, such as a change in the interest rate.

With scenario modelling / analysis commonly being used to estimate changes to a portfolio’s value in response to unfavorable events, means mitigating risk where possible and planning for any potential negative impact.

Preparation of Feasibility Studies & Business Cases

Deutsche Property Pty Ltd helps investors deconstruct complex projects and execute them in a manageable and timely manner – with as few surprises as possible.

We help our clients reduce risks, forecast the investment required, manage timelines, get legal and regulatory approvals and prevent bottlenecks.

Our Feasibility Studies and Business Cases ensure that stakeholders from bankers to builders and beyond – understand and support for your project.

Site or Property Options Analysis

The scope of this activity covers the work necessary to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of investor’s specific goals and objectives
  • Identify all plausible options that could satisfy the requirements, and
  • Develop and cost those options to a level that enables a comparative evaluation to clearly determine the preferred option.

The level of detail required in this phase is governed by the need to define the preferred option.

Assistance in determining the optimum investment platform.

Detailed information on whether direct investment or founding an Australian investment company is the best option for each unique investor situation, as well as providing options and scenarios and analysis regarding commercial, industrial and residential investment types.

Professional guidance and tailored information delivered throughout the whole (or parts of) the property investment or property development process

Deutsche Property Pty Ltd not only comes with a wealth of academic and professional  knowledge and experience, but maintain partnerships with a large network of professionals who can assist with the addition of broader information or specialist knowledge where required.

Primarily however we are committed to delivery tailored outcomes therefore also work with you and the provision or selection of the most appropriate project partners — including: planners, designers, engineers, tax consultants, lenders, property agents and managers, solicitors, insurance brokers, and so on, to maximise the value of your experience and your investments.

Ability to act as investor’s official representative in Australia

Offering investor’s representative service and supervision of an investment project includes:

  • Leading and managing the entire investment process
  • Leading and managing the entire planning and approval process
  • Regularly inspecting construction site in order to control the progress of construction and works
  • Verifying works carried, or conducting property inspections
  • Reviewing pre-purchase reports such as building and pest inspections
  • Verifying council permits
  • Taking part in regular coordination meetings
  • Controlling the post-completion documentation handed over by the building contractor
  • Preparing and taking part in the final handover of the investment in coordination with Investor
  • Taking part in any warranty inspections as may be required

Monitor and supervise all project stakeholders

Professional supervision and detailed, transparent reporting to clients throughout the whole property life cycle in relation to the proposed schedule, budget, and scope of the project.

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